Certificate Course in Cookery, Bakery and Confectionery

This is a 1-year certificate program that offers deep understanding and knowledge related to bakery and confectionary art to the candidates. After completion of the course, the candidates will acquire the skills to run their own bakery and confectionary business. In this course, we will teach you the secret of choosing the right ingredients in precise amount and tactfully mixing up and molding them to the final product. Cakes, chocolates, pudding, sweets and there are many more that you would become expert in. You will also learn the nuances of different kinds of baking equipments and technology involved in the process.

Through this program, students gain advanced knowledge and training in the bakery field. The course provides strong foundation for students in pursuing their future studies. Candidates who wish to enter bakery and confectionary field can get benefit from this program. Aspirants who have a creatively inclined mind as well as good interpersonal skills should go for this course.

Worldwide opportunities

Thosestudents who have completed this course get opportunities in the world of bakery and confectionary sector at both national and international levels. The program envisions providing students with knowledge of the basic functioning of this industry. Those interested to pursue a career in cookery; bakery and confectionary will find this course right to enhance their skills.

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Certificate course in cookery, bakery and confectionary is designed in a manner wherein candidates get the knowledge of practical as well as theoretical aspects, laying a foundation to pursue training in bakery and confectionary. Candidates also develop ability to assess the characteristics of quality of baked items, understand the faults and apply necessary measures to correct them.

Career opportunities

This field of study opens up lucrative opportunities for the candidates to work in hospitality sector, restaurants, hotels, and airlines in India and abroad. They have scope in the areas of restaurants, catering company, mechanized bakery chains, flight kitchen and more.  They can become chefs, maintenance manager, supply chain managers, bakery specialists and more after completing the course.


10+2, S.S.C

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