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Occasional and Cultural Celebrations at MCH: Embracing Diversity, Building Unity

Step into the vibrant tapestry of cultural celebrations at Magarpatta College of Hospitality (MCH), where every festival is an opportunity to foster unity, embrace diversity, and create lasting memories. Pune, a city rich in tradition and diversity, becomes our playground for cultural exploration. At MCH, we take pride in celebrating various festivals that reflect the multicultural spirit of our student community. Join us as we traverse the colorful mosaic of festivities, weaving together traditions, joy, and the essence of togetherness.

Onam Celebration

The vibrant and culturally rich festival of Onam was celebrated with immense zeal and enthusiasm on the 29th of August 2023 at the Magarpatta College of Hospitality. This event was a testament to the unity, creativity, and culinary expertise of the students and staff who came together to make it a memorable occasion. The highlight of the day was the various competitions organized as part of the celebration. One of the most anticipated events was the “Phookolam” competition, where students showcased their artistic skills by creating intricate and colorful flower rangoli designs. The students had prepared an array of authentic Kerala dishes, served on banana leaves, as is the tradition during Onam. The Onam Sadya included delicacies like avial, olan, thoran, Sāmbhar, rasam, and a variety of payasams, providing a true culinary experience of Kerala.

Fresher’s Party

On September 13, 2023, the seniors of Magarpatta College of Hospitality welcomed the fresher students of 2023 with an amazing fresher party. It was an exciting event filled with fun, food, and entertainment. The senior students gave a warm and friendly welcome to the newcomers. They made the fresher’s feel comfortable and part of the college family. Delicious food and refreshing drinks were served to everyone, making the evening even more enjoyable. Students got to enjoy a variety of tasty treats. The senior students organized fun games for everyone to participate in. Laughter and excitement filled the air as students competed in these games. The most awaited moment of the evening was the announcement of Mr. and Ms. Fresher for 2023. The winners were Ms. Afrin Bhamgara and Mr. Budbhushan More. They were chosen based on their talents and personalities.

Ganpati Traditional Lunch

Students of S.Y. B. Sc. and T. Y. B. Sc. HS organized and managed Ganpati Traditional Lunch on 21th September 2023. Mr. Kunal Deokar, Human Resource Manager, Ms. Preeti Bhosale, L & D Manager, Radisson Blu, Kharadi, Pune were invited for the feast. The dishes were prepared by the students under the guidance of Chef. Pratik Pawar. Industry experts, Principal and all the delegates appreciated the hard work done by the students and staff of the college.

Orientation Day

College welcomed students of First Year by organizing an orientation for the students. Students were given details of the college, the management, staff and overview about the Hospitality Industry. Speakers from the industry were invited for sharing their experience and introducing hotel industry to the students. Mr. Arun Nayar, Vice President, Pride Group of Hotels and Chef. Shailendra Kekade, Celebrity Food Stylist were eminent guest for giving amazing insightful thoughts to our first year students.

Cake Mixing Ceremony

Cake Mixing Ceremony was organized on 27th November 2023 by the MCH students and staff. FICCI FLO Poona Ladies Group were invited to celebrate Cake Mixing Ceremony – an old age tradition where all dry fruits, spices were combined & soaked to form a mixture.

At Magarpatta College of Hospitality, cultural celebrations extend beyond rituals; they encapsulate the very spirit of our institution. Each festival becomes a chapter in our diverse narrative, enriching the MCH experience and forging lifelong bonds. Join us in these joyous occasions, where tradition meets modernity, and unity becomes our greatest celebration. Together, we create memories that resonate with the heartbeat of cultural vibrancy at MCH.

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