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Industry Visits

Embark on a journey beyond textbooks! Discover the enriching experiences our students gain through field visits organised by MCH. From industry insights to real-world applications, each visit is a step towards holistic education. Dive into the realm of experiential learning and witness education come to life!

Hotel Orientation

Field Visit to Hotel Radisson Blu, Kharadi was organized for the students of First Year to observe the operational departments and also understand the SOP’s followed by the hotel. Ms. Preeti Bhosale, Learning and Development Manager, Radisson Blu, did a comprehensive job during the hotel tour, covering not only the core departments but also giving insights into other areas. This kind of approach is valuable for understanding how different departments collaborate and contribute to the overall functioning of the hotel. It also helps in giving a broader perspective to the employees, enabling them to appreciate the interconnectedness of various roles within the organization.

Magarpatta Nursery

M.C.E.F’s Magarpatta College of Hospitality organized Industrial Visit to Magarpatta Nursery for Second Year B.Sc. (H.S) students. Mr. Satish Rupnavar, Manager, Magarpatta Nursery explained about various species of plants used in outdoor and indoor areas of the hotel along with the tools and accessories required for flower arrangement. Students also learnt about the horticulture and landscaping and how it all ties into the hospitality industry. Asst. Prof. Sophia Francis assisted students for the Nursery Visit.

Inn Venue Hospitality Management

M.C.E.F’s Magarpatta College of Hospitality organized Field Visit to Inn Venue Hospitality for Second Year B. Sc. H.S students to show the operations of Industrial Catering, Packaging and Dispatching of food to different outlets in Pune. Chef. Kiran Dogra explained work flow and operations of Kitchen, Bakery, Butchery and Garde Manger. He also gave knowledge on packaging of frozen food items like gravies, sauces etc. and dispatching them on time with hygiene standards.

Independence Brewing Company

M.C.E.F’s Magarpatta College of Hospitality organized Field Visit to Independence Brewing Co., Pune for S.Y.B. Sc. students to explore the knowledge on Manufacturing of Beer. Various steps in making beer, its types and styles, alcohol percentage, serving temperature and ingredients used in making beer were explained to students. Students were taken Micro Laboratory for checking the alcohol percentage in beer.The session was led by Mr. Shailly Bist, Master Brewer, Independence Brewing Company. Mr. Bist also shared the career opportunities for students in Micro Brewery.

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