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Labs & Classrooms

At MCH our classrooms are not just spaces for learning; they’re vibrant hubs of inspiration and collaboration. Immerse yourself in an educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries, where innovation and creativity thrive. Let’s take you on a journey into the beating heart of MCH’s Classrooms and Culinary Laboratories!

Basic Training Kitchen

This kitchen serves as the gateway for first-year students to dive into the fundamentals of food production. In this realm, culinary novices embark on a journey of discovery, guided by the twin pillars of knowledge and taste.

Where students unravel the mysteries of food production. Just as a chef meticulously plans a menu, students here learn the art of crafting culinary delights. From understanding the intricacies of different ingredients to mastering the techniques of cooking, this kitchen is the canvas where gastronomic dreams come to life.

As students navigate through the world of food production, they also grasp the significance of roles and responsibilities within a kitchen. Each member plays a crucial part in the culinary symphony, ensuring that every dish is a harmonious blend of flavors and textures.

BTK stands for Basics, Techniques, and Knowledge – the pillars upon which culinary excellence is built.

From BTK to the delicate dance of utensils – where every slice, chop, and stir is a step towards culinary mastery

Quantity Training Kitchen

The quantity kitchen lab at the hospitality college serves as a practical training ground for aspiring chefs. Students learn to manage large-scale food production, honing skills in quantity cooking and menu planning. Equipped with industrial-grade appliances, the lab replicates the high-paced environment of professional kitchens. This hands-on experience prepares students for the challenges of catering and banquet operations. The quantity kitchen lab is a crucial component in developing the culinary expertise required in the dynamic hospitality industry.

Advanced Training Kitchen

The advanced kitchen lab in our hospitality college is a cutting-edge facility designed for honing intricate culinary skills. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, students delve into advanced cooking techniques, molecular gastronomy, and innovative recipe development. This lab provides a platform for experimentation, fostering creativity among future chefs. With a focus on precision and culinary artistry, the advanced kitchen lab is instrumental in shaping graduates who can excel in the evolving landscape of fine dining and gastronomy. The equipment used in advance kitchen are salamander, ovens, sous vid.

Food and Beverage Service Lab

The Food and Beverage Lab serves as a crucial educational hub, offering students a practical and immersive experience in the intricate aspects of the hospitality industry. Within this dedicated space, students not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also hone essential skills in food and beverage service, menu planning, and culinary techniques.

The lab is thoughtfully furnished with a range of specialized equipment. From versatile side stations for tasks such as garnish preparation to chair, ensuring the precision of knives, each tool contributes to a comprehensive learning environment. The presence of tables facilitates training in various aspects of table settings, service procedures, and dining etiquette. Ample cupboards are provided for the organized storage of kitchen and service supplies, streamlining operations seamlessly.

Bakery and Patisserie Lab

Bakery and Patisserie Lab provides hands-on experience in baking techniques, pastry making, and bakery management. Students learn to create various breads, cakes, pastries, and desserts. The lab includes practical sessions where students follow recipes, use baking equipment, and gain insights into ingredient functionalities. Additionally, students may explore topics such as food safety, quality control, and menu development. The Bakery Lab enhances both baking and business skills, preparing students for careers in the baking industry

Front office Lab

The front office department teaches students about customer service, communication, and managing interactions with clients. It often covers skills related to reception, administration, and creating a positive first impression. Front office equipment commonly includes computers, telephones, printers, scanners, and customer management systems. These tools help streamline communication, organise information, and enhance overall efficiency in handling customer interactions. The front office department typically includes reception desks, concierge & sofa set for waiting areas, workstations for staff, and storage solutions. The goal is to create a welcoming and organised space for both employees and visitors

Model Guest Room –Silk Suit

The Model Guest Room Training Program is a comprehensive initiative designed for students aspiring to excel in the hospitality industry, particularly in roles related to housekeeping and guest services. This program focuses on honing the skills necessary for bed making, room inspection, and guest room cleaning through hands-on practical sessions in a simulated guest room environment. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, furnishings, and amenities typically found in star-category hotels.


The model guest room is designed to replicate the ambiance and layout of a premium hotel room. It features:

  • High-Quality Bedding: Students practice bed making using premium quality linens, pillows, and duvets to achieve a sophisticated and inviting appearance.
  • Furniture and Decor: The room is furnished with elegant pieces representing the standards of star-category hotels. This includes designer furniture, lighting fixtures, and tasteful decorations.
  • Modern Appliances: The room is equipped with cutting-edge appliances such as flat-screen TVs, minibars, and electronic controls for air conditioning and lighting.
  • Luxury Bathroom: An attached bathroom includes high-end fixtures, toiletries, and plush towels, allowing students to understand the intricacies of maintaining a spotless guest bathroom.


  • Bed Making: Students undergo intensive training in various bed-making techniques, including hospital corners, decorative folds, and layering. Emphasis is placed on achieving a pristine and visually appealing presentation.
  • Room Inspection: The program includes modules on room inspection, where students learn to identify and rectify issues related to cleanliness, organization, and functionality. Attention to detail is a key focus, ensuring rooms meet the exacting standards of luxury establishments.

  • Guest Room Cleaning: Practical sessions cover the systematic and efficient cleaning of guest rooms. This includes proper handling of cleaning agents, attention to high-touch surfaces, and the use of industry-standard equipment


The Housekeeping Lab is a special place where students learn and practice different important skills. In this lab, students get hands-on experience in various activities, such as arranging flowers, doing laundry, cleaning surfaces, and using a special polish called brasso. The lab is well-equipped with helpful tools like an automatic washing machine, cleaning equipment, and top-quality cleaning agents.

Activities in the Housekeeping Lab

Flower Arrangement Practical’s: Students learn how to arrange flowers in beautiful ways. They practice combining different flowers and creating attractive designs. This helps them develop creativity and a good sense of aesthetics.

Laundry Practical’s: In the lab, students get to use an automatic washing machine to learn how to wash clothes effectively. They also learn about different laundry techniques and the importance of using the right detergent for different fabrics.

Surface Cleaning Practical’s: Cleaning surfaces is an essential skill, and students practice it in the lab. They learn how to use various cleaning tools and agents to keep different surfaces clean and hygienic.

Brasso Practical’s: Brasso is a special polish used to make metal surfaces shine. In the lab, students practice using brasso to clean and polish metal objects. This skill is handy for maintaining a polished and neat appearance for metal items.

Live Smart Classes

Step into classrooms that are more than four walls – they are dynamic spaces designed to foster interactive learning. Our innovative teaching methods transcend conventional approaches, ensuring every lecture is an engaging experience. From state-of-the-art audiovisual aids to flexible seating arrangements, MCH classrooms are the perfect canvas for your educational journey.

Culinary Laboratories

For those passionate about the culinary arts, MCH presents culinary laboratories that are nothing short of a gastronomic wonderland. Equipped with cutting-edge kitchen appliances, tools, and technology, these labs are where culinary dreams come to life. Our culinary laboratories are not just places to cook; they’re arenas for creativity, experimentation, and the pursuit of gastronomic excellence.

Meet Your Mentors

In MCH classrooms, you’ll find more than just teachers – you’ll discover mentors who are industry experts and passionate educators. Learn from seasoned professionals who bring real-world insights into the classroom, offering a blend of theory and practical knowledge that prepares you for the challenges and triumphs of the hospitality industry.

Elevate your hospitality career with MCH’s unparalleled blend of practical expertise and innovative learning. Start your journey towards becoming a hospitality industry leader today.

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